ICHG2019| Speakers

ICHG 2019 Speakers

Dr Ria Clarke
Specialist trainee in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Ashford at St. Peter's NHS Trust

Dr Ria Clarke is a specialist trainee in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. After qualifying from the University of Southampton she worked in Intensive Care, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine and Sexual Health before deciding on a career in Women's Health. Ria has recently given birth to her first child and after a difficult pregnancy during which she experienced severe nausea and vomiting, she has developed an interest in the treatment of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and hopes to develop this further on her return to work. 

Baroness Julia Cumberledge
Pregnancy Sickness Support

Baroness Julia Cumberlege CBE, Patron to Pregnancy Sickness Support, was Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health from 1992 to 1997. She founded Cumberlege Connections Ltd in 2003 and Cumberlege Eden and Partners in 2013. Both Companies specialise in training and consultancy to the health sector.  Julia started her career in Local Government, as Leader of the Lewes District Council and Chair of Social Services for East Sussex.  She has served on many public bodies and has produced two reports for the Government. She is an Honorary Fellow of five Royal Colleges and has Honorary Degrees from five universities. 

Baroness Cumberlege is currently Chair of the National Maternity Review and has a wealth of experience in healthcare leadership. She has chaired working parties for the Royal College of Physicians – which led to the ‘Doctors in Society’ (2005) and ‘Future Physicians: Changing Doctors in a Changing World’ (2010) reports. She is a Patron of the National Childbirth Trust and Vice President of the Royal College of Midwives. In the 1990's she also led a major review on maternity care, producing the ‘Changing Childbirth’report for the Department of Health.

Caitlin Dean
Chair of Trustees, PhD Student
Pregnancy Sickness Support, Plymouth University

A three time hyperemesis gravidarum survivor, Caitlin Dean dedicates her time and energy in to raising awareness about the condition in the media, providing support to sufferers and writing prolifically on the subject through her Spewing Mummy blog, healthcare journals and magazines. As a Registered General Nurse and Chairperson for UK charity Pregnancy Sickness Support she is involved in research, pioneering services and health care professional education about HG. She has authored two books on the condition: Hyperemesis Gravidarum – The Definitive Guide for women, partners and healthcare professionals; and How to be an HG Hero for the children of women suffering.

Following her MSc in Clinical Research in 2016 in which she surveyed women's experiences of treatment for HG in the UK, Caitlin is currently undertaking a PhD to further the HG research agenda. Her particular interest is in the benefits of pre-pregnancy planning for subsequent HG pregnancies and prophylactic treatment.

Marlena Fejzo
Professor of Research
UCLA, USC and HER Foundation

Marlena Schoenberg Fejzo, Ph.D., is an American medical scientist and professor of research on Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and gynecologic cancer. She received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1995 and currently has joint appointments at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California. She has published peer-reviewed scientific articles on many diseases of women including ovarian cancer, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, and discovered the first gene for uterine fibroids. She provided evidence for a genetic component to HG, is an advisor for the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation, and runs a study to identify genes and epidemiologic factors linked to HG.

Professor Roger Gadsby
Vice Chair and Clinical Professor
Pregnancy Sickness Support and University of Warwick

Dr Roger Gadsby (Vice Chair and Founding Trustee) who has just retired as a GP in Nuneaton and now works for five sessions a week as an Associate Clinical Professor at Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick. He has had an interest in pregnancy sickness symptoms since he joined the same practice as Dr Tony Barnie-Adshead in 1979. Together they have carried out research and published papers and articles on pregnancy sickness symptoms. Roger was awarded an MBE in 2009.

Iris Grooten
Registrar in obstetrics and gynaecology and PhD student
University of Amsterdam

Dr Grooten is a registrar in obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Amsterdam, Academic Medical Centre. She is conducting her PhD on hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), covering aetiologic markers, treatment options and offspring cardiometabolic consequences. She has just completed a nationwide randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of early nasogastric tube feeding in HG (MOTHER trial) and is currently developing a large Delphi survey including multiple stakeholders to develop international consensus on HG definition and core outcomes for HG research (DCOHG project).  

Elselijn Kingma
Associate Professor in Philosophy
University of Southampton

Elselijn Kingma is an Associate Professor in Philosophy at the University of Southampton and Socrates Professor in Philosophy and Technology in the Humanist Tradition, at the University of Eindhoven. Her research interests are in philosophy of medicine, philosophy of biology, metaphysics and applied ethics. From 2016 she is Principal Investigator on a five year, 1.2 million Euro ERC Starting Grant entitled 'Better Understanding the Metaphysics of Pregnancy'<http://www.southampton.ac.uk/sites/philosophy/research/projects/bump.page>.

Gideon Koren
Pediatrician and clinical pharmacologist
Motherisk, Canada

Gideon Koren MD, FRCPC, FACMT

A pediatrician and clinical pharmacologist, the founding director of the Motherisk Program in Toronto, counseling and studying women regarding the risks of drugs, chemicals, radiation and infections during pregnancy and lactation.

A major area of his research and practice has been the therapeutic solutions to nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.  He has developed the Pregnancy-Unique Quantification of Emesis (PUQE) system, which is widely used to quantify the severity of morning sickness and its response to different therapies. Author of over 1600 peer review papers and 15 medical books.

Nicola Mitchell-Jones
Clinical research fellow
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Nicola is currently working as a clinical research fellow at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London. She is undertaking an MD(Res) degree via Imperial College London which is being supervised by Miss Cecilia Bottomley and Professor Tom Bourne. Her primary research is in nausea and vomiting of pregnancy/hyperemesis gravidarum. She has undertaken a trial comparing the efficacy of outpatient management of severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy as an alternative to the inpatient management approach. She is also conducting research into the psychological impact of hyperemesis and has recently published a systematic review and meta-analysis assessing the association between hyperemesis and psychological morbidity (BJOG, DOI: 10.1111/1471-0528.14180). Nicola is a North West Thames Obstetrics and Gynecology trainee. Her other specialist interests are acute gynaecology and sub-fertility. She studied at the University of Manchester, where she stayed on to complete her foundation training years before spending a year working in Western Australia before moving back to London to commence specialist training in 2009.

Emma Moxham
Community IV Therapy Nurse Specialist

Emma qualified as a nurse in 1996 from UWE and lives in Bath. Her early career was in Emergency Medicine and later she moved to district nursing. Emma pioneered a community IV service and first encountered a hyperemesis patient in 2011 sparking her interest in the condition. Recognising the need for a community IV pathway for this unique client group Emma collaborated with secondary care ob/gyne consultants and local GPs to establish the country’s first prescribing guidance for anti-emetics and IV fluids in the community for women with hyperemesis gravidarum. Emma was awarded the companies chairman award for innovation in 2011. In 2012, she was given the Queen’s Nurse title for my contribution to community nursing. Emma’s hyperemesis work is a very small part of her role, but comes highly esteemed. Going the extra mile and bridging gaps between primary and secondary care won the service the 2014 Nursing times award for Community Nursing.

Deirdre Munro
Midwife Lecturer
University of Limerick

Deirdre Munro, an expert reviewer for the NIHR and a midwife lecturer, is passionate about research, methodology, open communication and implementation. Deirdre is a certified Change Agent and recently awarded an International Fellowship from England Centre for Practice Development Canterbury Christchurch University. Deirdre received a Zenith Global Health special recognition award having founded the Global Village Network Foundation which includes; the Global Village of Midwives, Global Village of Nurses,  Global Village Mental Health, Global Village of Health Translation, Global Village of Radicals and more...

Clare Murphy
External Affairs Director
British Pregnancy Advisory Service

Clare Murphy is Director of External Affairs at the British Pregnancy Ad‎visory Service, a charity which provides advice and treatment to around 70,000 women a year with an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy they cannot continue with. Clare leads the policy and advocacy department of the charity, and has a strong interest in the rights of pregnant women to evidence-based information and a commitment to campaigning for women's right to make their own decisions about their care. 

Professor Catherine Nelson-Piercy
Consultant Obstetric Physician
Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospitals Trust

Catherine Nelson-Piercy is a Consultant Obstetric Physician at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospitals Trust and Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in London. In 2010 she was awarded the title of Professor of Obstetric Medicine at King’s College London. Her undergraduate studies were at King’s College, Cambridge University and St Bartholomew’s Hospital. She trained as a physician, and was taught Obstetric Medicine by Professor Michael de Swiet.

Professor Nelson-Piercy is the immediate past President of the International Society of Obstetric Medicine (ISOM). She is founding co-editor in chief of the journal ‘Obstetric Medicine: the medicine of pregnancy.’ 

Professor Nelson-Piercy has been involved in the development of several evidence-based National Guidelines notably for “Contraception in Women with Heart Disease”, BTS / SIGN “Asthma in Pregnancy” and RCOG Green top guidelines on “Reducing the risk of thromboembolism during pregnancy, birth & the puerperium” and ‘Management of nausea vomiting of pregnancy and hyperemesis gravidarum”. She has over 200 publications and has edited five books and written the successful Handbook of Obstetric Medicine, now in its fifth edition. She is also one of the central physician assessors for the UK Confidential maternal deaths enquiry.

Margaret O'Hara
Vice-Chair of Trustees
Pregnancy Sickness Support

Dr Margaret O'Hara has a background in physics teaching and medical physics research. She is currently the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in Research Lead for University Hospital Birmingham based at the Institute of Translational Medicine. Having observed several relatives suffer with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, she conducted her own research on treatment protocols before becoming pregnant and found a clinician who prescribed antiemetics as soon as her HG started. After her pregnancy with her daughter, in 2010 she set up the website www.pregnancysicknesssos.co.uk to disseminate the information that she had gathered and to assist other women to obtain treatment. Working with Caitlin Dean, she has published surveys of women's experiences of HG in the UK. She has been a volunteer for PSS since 2011 and is a co-author on the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists clinical practice guidelines for Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Dr Gillian Ostrowski
GP and Associate Medical Director for NHS England
Pregnancy Sickness Support

Dr Gillian Ostrowski is a GP Principle in a large central London practice. She has served as Associate Medical Director for Wandsworth since 2011 and became one of the Associate Medical Directors for NHS England, London area in 2013. Gillian also previously held positions on the Executive Committee of the Battersea GP Federation and an elected post on Wandsworth London Medical Committee for five years. Gillian became aware of PSS whilst pregnant, suffering hyperemesis gravidarum during all of 3 of her pregnancies. She is committed and passionate about empowering patients and medical professionals alike with knowledge of this physically and psychologically debilitating illness. 

Rebecca Painter
Gynaecologist and fellow in fetal maternal medicine
University of Amsterdam

Dr Painter is a gynaecologist and fellow in fetal maternal medicine at the University of Amsterdam, Academic Medical Centre. Her clinical interests focus on nutrition in pregnancy, and include maternal obesity, diabetes in pregnany and hyperemesis gravidarum. 
In her PhD, she established that long term effects of maternal undernutrition during the Dutch Famine of 1944-45.   Her current research interests include the long term health of children conceived by IVF and of those conceived by obese women. Her group recently conducted the first randomised controlled trial to study the utility of tube feeding in hyperemesis gravidarum.

Professor Steve Robson
Professor of Fetal Medicine
Institute of Cellular Medicine

Stephen Robson MB BS MRCOG MD FRCP(Edin) is Professor of Fetal Medicine and a member of the Institute of Cellular Medicine at Newcastle University.  He is Clinical Director of the NIHR Clinical Research Network in the North East and North Cumbria. His main research interests are: uterine cell signalling, mechanisms of myometrial quiescence and clinical trials in the area of high risk pregnancy and prenatal screening

Miss Manjeet Shehmar
Pregnancy Sickness Support and Birmingham Women's Hospital

Manjeet Shehmar is a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology at Birmingham Women's Hospital and Clinical Director Gynaecology & Theatres. She qualified in 1998 from Imperial College School of Medicine, London and completed obstetrics and gynaecology training in the West Midlands Deanery. Research interests are Medical Education, Enhanced recovery and Early Pregnancy. Manjeet is on the executive committee for the Association of Early Pregnancy Units.

Manjeet restructured the EPAU services at Birmingham Women’s Hospital to amalgamate with acute gynaecology in a new unit. They have expanded the service with more staff, consultant presence and scanning resources and introduced three new services including the cutting edge hyperemesis day centre, which has paved the way for other hospitals to follow. The services she has lead have been recognised as finalists in the Health Services Journal Awards. Last year, she has lead on writing the RCOG Greentop Guidelines for Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy, a condition close to her heart as she too suffered from it.

Jone Trovik
University of Bergen

Jone Trovik is a senior consultant at dpt. of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Haukeland University Hospital and professor at the Institute of Clinical Science, University of Bergen, Norway. As a gynecologist in training she observed the suffering of women hospitalized due to hyperemesis gravidarum and not receiving sufficient care. Her HG- research has been focused on treatment, foremost nutritional related. 

In 1996 the first Norwegian study describing nasogastric tube for feeding in Hyperemesis Gravidarum was published, 2016 expanding to a 10-year hospital cohort. The PUQE- questionnaire has been validated in Norwegian (SUKK) and demonstrated the severe nutritional impact (low nutritional intake) for women suffering of HG as compared to healthy women. Further research evaluates the blood marker prealbumin as a measure of nutritional status in early pregnancy. 

Trovik is responsible for the Norwegian national guidelines of treatment of HG and was one of two Norwegian gynecologists initiating the international congress “First World Colloquium of Hyperemesis Gravidarum” held in Bergen October-15.

Åse Vikanes
Consultant and Senior Research Fellow
Meidell-Vikanes Gynklinikk and Intervention Centre Oslo University Hospital, Norway

Åse Vikanes is consultant at Meidell-Vikanes Gynklinikk in Oslo and senior research fellow at the Intervention Centre Oslo University Hospital, Norway. 

Since 2005 Vikanes has studied causes and consequences of hyperemesis. Her main focus has been transferal of hyperemesis over generations, associations between hyperemesis and ethnicity, pregnancy outcomes, and cancer in mothers and children. Ongoing projects are exploring associations between hyperemesis and maternal mental health and cardiovascular risk, in addition to neurodevelopmental diseases in offspring.

Vikanes and Trovik are responsible for the Norwegian national guidelines for hyperemesis treatment, and for arranging the first international hyperemesis-conference in Bergen in 2015.

Kimber Wakefield MacGibbon
HER Foundation

Kimber Wakefield MacGibbon, Registered Nurse, is the co-founder and Director of the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation. In collaboration with the University of Southern California and the University of California Los Angeles, she has coauthored over two dozen papers on HG that study the short and long-term maternal and fetal impact of HG, as well as explore a genetic causation. She has spoken in Washington, DC at a congressional briefing on HG and authored numerous educational materials. She oversees the daily operations of the foundation and regularly assists clinicians, families and researchers to minimise the suffering and loss associated with HG.

Fiona Woollard
Associate Professor of Philosophy
University of Southampton

Fiona Woollard is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southampton.  She completed her PhD at the University of Reading in 2008.   Her first book, Doing and Allowing Harm, was published by OUP in 2015. Her current research focuses on the Philosophy of Pregnancy and Early Motherhood.  Fiona is interested in exploring how revealing philosophical mistakes in the way we think and talk about motherhood can help improve the lives of mothers – and in how thinking about motherhood can shed light on longstanding philosophical problems.