Definition and Core Outcomes for Hyperemesis Gravidarum - DCOHG

There is currently no consensus on the exact criteria for HG or a minimum set of core outcomes to be reported in intervention studies on HG. This lack of consensus on both definition and outcomes massively hinders researcher’s ability to perform meta-analyses and draw firm conclusions regarding evidence based treatments. Furthermore, patient involvement in determining relevant outcomes has been limited to date so many strudies have used outcomes which patient’s report are not particularly relevant to them. This study aims to develop a consensus definition of HG and core outcome set for use in future trials, systematic reviews and guidelines on the management of HG.

The researchers have conducted a systematic review of randomized controlled trials on the treatment of HG to identify previously reported characteristics to define HG and outcomes; this has been published and is available here.

Following this systematic review an international panel of HG stakeholders (including patients, general practitioners, midwives, dieticians, obstetricians, researchers) was established to conduct online Delphi surveys to reach consensus on both HG definition and a core outcome set. Data from the systematic review was used in the first round and there was the opportunity for stakeholders to suggest new criteria also.

In addition to the surveys, a consensus meeting was held at the ICHG conference in 2017 and a further round of finalisation is now required.

Research team:

T.J. Roseboom, PhD

R.C. Painter, MD, PhD

I.J. Grooten, MD

J. van ’t Hooft, MD


The DCOHG project is registered with the COMET Initiative, for more information click here